Kia GT Stinger 2018

2018 – Kia GT Stinger

Boasting a super sexy sporting design, the 2018 Kia GT Stinger is Kia’s first sports car model.

This award-winning vehicle can be classified as a mid-range four-door sports car. It’s lines can be described as sleek and taking on a fastback appearance. In addition, it has a large rear hatch. Standard features include rearwheel drive with four-wheel drive being an additional option.  

Those models that are equipped with the standard rear wheel drive have a mechanical limited slip differential and the all-wheel-drive vehicles feature a torque vectoring control system.

Of particular note, the 2018 Kia GT is equipped with an adaptive suspension system. This is the first Kia manufactured to feature this particular

There are two engines that will be offered for the sports driver enthusiast. The first engine offered in powering the Stinger is a 2.0-liter turbo four rated engine that has 260 pounds per foot of torque power and with 255 hp. The larger engine is a 3.3 L twin-turbo V-6 engine.  This engine has 365 hp and a 376 pound per foot of torque power.

Standard features for this new vehicle include LED headlights, leather interior, a quality Harmon/Kardon audio system, and a warning system which  alerts the driver to blind spots. Additionally, the dashboard features multiple displays with a variety of informational gauges.

Kia, in this particular model, has taken considerable measures to ensure that its passengers are afforded various safety measures. Specifically, some of those safety features include a cruise control that is adaptive, a collision warning alert system for the front end of the vehicle, “maintaining one’s lane” alert system, a rear cross traffic alert and a system that assists the driver in maintaining their attention to driving the vehicle.

In regards to the transmission, this particular model does not offer a manual transmission system and only provides an automatic transmission; however, with 8 speeds.

Of particular note, the 2018 Kia Stinger was presented with two awards at the American International Auto Show. One award was being named as the Best in Show based on its blending of luxury and performance as a sports sedan. The second award was given in recognition for Production Car Design Excellence.

Early indications regarding the price of this South Korean made vehicle has a starting price of $26,930. Additionally, the fully equipped and high-performance model may cost an additional $10,000.