2017 infiniti q60

2017 infiniti q60

The 2017 Infiniti Q60 is a well thought out engineered vehicle that is impressive both outwardly and inwardly.  At first glance it has an impressive design for the eyes, but also optimizes performance.


The Q60, roughly starting at a suggested price of $38,950, is designed areodynamically to maximize its road performace.  This maximization is accomplished through its style, Additionally, this model is equipped with rear and front “Zero Lift” to enhance the automobile’s stability when high speeds are achieved.


The “cockpit” is very high end looking and has been designed with the driver’s and passenger’s comfort in mind.  Additionally, the dashboard is very “sexy” in appearance and gives the impression and reality of driving something very special.


Also, there are many models of the Q60 to consider.  The 208 HP, 20.0 liter 14 turbo is the smallest model with the price range beginning from $38,950.  The engine is a 4-cylinder aluminum alloy block motor.


The Miles Per Gallon for this vehice is advertised at 22 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway.  The cabin features a two door body which can seat 4 passengers, an aggresive Bose surround sound system, USB ports, Bluetooth, dual air conditioning settings, power seats and additional standard features.   Other features include a Dynamic Digital Suspension which accomodates a smooth and flat ride.


Safety features for the Q60 include front and side air bags, a rollover sensor, reinforced safety construction of the passenger compartment and brake assistance feature.


In addition to the lower end model, the Q60 offers 9 other additional models.  The major difference between the models is the size of the engine with the high end model selling for around $53,300.  This particular vehicle is equipped with a 3.0 liter engine and is a V-6.  The horse power of the high end Q60 is 400 horses.


Another extraordinary feature that the Infinity brand incorporates is the steering technology.  This technology is called steer-by-wire or Direct Adaptive Steering.  This technology simply means that there is no connection mechanically, as you navigate with the steering wheel, and the vehicle’s wheels.  Connection is accomplished through electric pulses or signals.  Some benefits of this cutting edge steering system is to improve the vehicle’s steering response and a reduction in maintenance costs.


Finally, a 7 speed automatic transmission is standard within the Q60.  This model does not feature a standard transmission.  Additonally, it is equipped with an all wheel drive feature.