2017 California Ferrari T

2017 California Ferrari T

Ferrari offers roadster and sports car enthusiasts with something extravagantly elegant in the name of 2017 Ferrari California T. The Cal T lies in the remarkable category of the sportscars that along with speed and swiftness also greatly values the traits of luxury and comfort. Its ability to adapt to the daily road conditions in a sports like manner is something car enthusiasts all around the globe crave for. The action-packed high-speed car is instilled with all the necessary qualities and features modern sports car enthusiasts want.

The newer and more advanced 2017 Ferrari California T is geared up with new improved performance features accompanying its sensational looks. The “T” in the name stands for the turbocharging – a feature installed in the model with the sole purpose of enhancing the power factor. Despite being jammed packed with sports features, this Cal T is considered among Ferrari’s most user-friendly cars of the recent past. The ease of usage and higher comfort levels make its perfects for sportscar enthusiasts who need to use the car for day-to-day use. The roadster design certainly raises the overall appeal of the car and this spectacular Ferrari roadster comes up with the seating capacity of 4 people with 2 upfront and 2 in the back. The Cal T also offers a swift-opening hardtop making the car perfect for driving in all possible season under every plausible condition.

The redesign of the former 2015 model, 2017 Cal T brings about newer and updated interior and exterior to the outdated equation of the past. The interior is crafted elegantly comprising a blend of leather, plastic, and metal laid out perfectly in Ferrari’s characteristic lush. In addition to this, major changes include the likes of new technologically advanced headlight units, a delicately redesigned lower fascia & grille, and unique hood design that comes up with built-in heat extractors which is certainly an update for the previous hood scoop. The side design and doors are also modified delicately with new reshaped fender vents and more skinned doors designed to extend the trailing edge of the vents.

Undoubtedly, the most significant update is the inclusion of new 3.9-litre-twin-turbocharged engine which enhances the overall power of the car certainly up a notch. The Cal T is capable of generating 553 horsepower having 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transaxle. It is Ferrari’s first turbocharged powertrain since the days of Ferrari F40. The advanced boost management system directly increases the torque output of each subsequent transmission gear ranging up to 557 pound-feet of torque. Being a blend of regular and sports car, the features are distributed in an amazingly even manner making it perfect for all possible conditions. For instance, the steering wheel control is transitioned from comfort to sport in order to complement the new sports performance features of the roadster. The car itself is a blend of a roadster and a coupe with a sturdy feel interior making it perfect for a small family of four.

The 2017 Ferrari California T is available in 2 distinctive versions one being “Regular Grade” and other being “Handling Speciale”. The HS is a more technologically advanced version of Ferrari made specifically for Ferrari enthusiasts who are in need of that extra level of style and profile. The regular grade model comes up with a base price of $202,723 is an amazing opportunity for the car enthusiasts to experience the drive of the optimum Ferrari at a price tag around $200,000. The latter and more buffed up version under the name tag of Handling Speciale in available in the price of $210,843 with features that certainly make up for the extra numbers in its price tag.