2017 Toyota 86 – An Incredibly Inexpensive Sports Car

2017 Toyota 86

2017 Toyota 86 – An Incredibly Inexpensive Sports Car

Toyota 86, formerly known as Scion FR-S, now comes in an all new dazzling sports car look, leaving all those crossover crazed car enthusiasts enthralled. It is equipped with a 2.0 liter engine capable of generating 205 hp and has a smooth six-speed manual shifting operating system. It is also available in six-speed automatic variant which generates 200 hp. It is a real fun to drive 86 on twisted roads as its rear-wheel drive and balanced chassis support the vehicle seamlessly making your ride a breeze.

The nose and tail design provide Toyota 86 a modern aerodynamic look. Interiors are well built and look handsome, if not beautiful. Steering is precise and has well-weighed electric power assistance, which is also very communicative and gives an easy to drive feel. Brakes are well modulated and have sufficient resistance power to encounter quite a few laps on track or even negotiate a long and fast canyon run. Tires have a little lesser grip, like the ones we find in economy models, to help diver give enough freedom to toss its tail a bit.

Few changes in the rear suspension give the car a bit more planted look. Having a torque of 156, Toyota 86 isn’t exactly a torque powerhouse, but when you hit the redline, you will find some more power kicking in. With Toyota’s patented direct-and port-injection system incorporated into its engine, 86 comes as a slight variation of Subaru.

Safety Features

As far as 86’s safety features are concerned, it is has six-airbags, traction control, stability control and anti-lock braking system. It also has a display audio coordination system coupled with navigation guidance and apps compatibility. Customary equipment comprises of keyless entry, 7-inch touchscreen radio, Bluetooth and climate control.

Front seats are where exactly where the interior excels. They are well-augmented, absolutely trendy, and very comfortable and have ample leg as well as hip room. Rear seats go well with kids and luggage. All in all, Toyota 86 is light by weight, incredible in balance and more importantly a lively vehicle, which has all the ingredients mixed in right proportions that make it an incredibly inexpensive sports car.