2017 BMW i8 – The Ultimate Run Machine

2017 BMW i8 – The Ultimate Run Machine

The new version of BMW i8 is quite luxurious and stunning. This new look will leave people in awe and certainly draw car enthusiasts towards it. It has the advanced technology and the futuristic look. There are laser headlights in front part of the car under the big bumper providing powerful appearance. It has sharp tail lights at the back of the car.

Now coming to the interior design, it has leather seats providing comfort and high speed internet with infotainment systems with touch screen. The interior is as luxurious as the appearance.



The specs are definitely well suited for this sporty car, you will get an engine with 2.0 liter capacity which can generate at least 300 horsepower with 200HP offered by its electric motor, and well this is what the first engine offers. The second engine has 480 horsepower with 108HP from its electric motor, reaching 60 mph in 4 seconds.

The driver would definitely feel the excitement of cruising around with this powerful and luxurious car. The chassis is been tweaked and it has carbon fiber wheels, and has an optional inductive supporting system. The tires are eco friendly and the regenerative braking system is well automated and is capable of negotiating toughest of the road conditions.


Coming to the colors of the car, the exterior comes in Sophisto Gray Metallic with BMW i8 Frozen Gray Accent [Gray], Sophisto Gray Metallic with BMW i8 Frozen Blue Accent, Crystal white Pearl Metallic with BMW i8 Frozen Gray Accent [white] and Crystal White Pearl Metallic with BMW i8 Frozen Blue [White].

The interior comes in black, grey, brown, white with natural leather which offers the utmost comfort to the driver. It has highly reliable auto air bag when comes to safety. There are 3 driving modes —Max E-mode, comfort mode and sport.

There’s a function called EcoPro which is overlaid on the first two which raises the efficiency of this beauty and range by limiting acceleration and other uses. The estimated price of BMW i8 is $140,000, but the price may vary according to the company manufacturer’s policies.